Marcellus Shale Taskforce

Fayette County PA

 Welcoming Industry Without Sacrificing The Public's Health, Safety & Welfare


     In 2010 Fayette County was introduced to Marcellus Shale through activities by the oil & gas industry. We were not unlike our surrounding counties knowing little about Marcellus Shale while realizing there would be both positive and negative impacts.  

   County Commissioners in the affected counties saw the need to form a taskforce in their county.  CCAP, our county commissioners association, also formed a taskforce.  CCAP supported and encouraged individual counties to do the same.  So in July 2010 I broached the subject with my fellow two Commissioners. When I could not garner a 2nd vote to form a Commissioner-appointed task force, I formed one on my own and I developed a website.  

     At that time there were 11 counties in PA where Commissioners saw the need and currently (as of Dec 2016) it has risen to 20 counties.  Those formed mirrored others so as to not reinvent the wheel.  In 2010 this taskforce consisted of citizens, educators and the industry serving on Committees.  The Committees were planning, community impact, legislative, economic development, environment, public awareness and public safety.  Since 2015 there has been little to no shale activity in Fayette County so there has been limited taskforce activity.   It appears that may soon change so I have updated this site and anticipate this taskforce will become active.


   With the launching of this updated website, citizens, the industry, educators and others are encouraged to contact me at     Who am I?  Fayette County Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink.


     Seize this economic opportunity while being advocates for a safe-environment.                                                                                           


  • Identify key issues
  • Provide public education and a communication network
  • Provide guidance to the County Commissioners on Marcellus Shale issues and opportunities
  • Provide fact-based information for taking action and making effective decisions 
  • Coordinate education and outreach and serve as a key point of contact for our County on Marcellus;
  • Build capacity and key leadership capabilities to deal with topics such as emergency response, planning, environment, roads and infrastructure and economic development;


  • Seize economic opportunities; protect the environment and educate the public on matters related to the Marcellus Shale development in Fayette County


  • Seek a cross section of persons to serve on subcommittees reporting to Task Force Committee; if needed
  • Conduct organizational meeting (completed)
  • Issue media releases 
  • Reference existing educational websites relating to Marcellus Shale and the industry
  • Identify issues, ask pertinent questions, obtain answers and suggest and/or take action
  • Keep abreast of other counties and municipalities Task Force activities
  • Disseminate information through public forums, speaker presentations and this website
  • Request  media coverage of meetings, presentations and report Task Force activities
  • Dissolve Task Force