Question:  Some say there is no reason for a county to form a taskforce saying that the state solely regulates this industry.  Regardless,  37 PA counties with Marcellus Shale activity have formed a Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Task Force.  Who?
Answer:   20 counties as of 7/2016       County Natural Gas Task Forces — Natural Gas — Penn State Extension.pdf

Question:  Act 13 is extensive to read.  Is there a FAQ available for citizens to read to help answer questions?
Answer:  Yes.   Act 13 FAQ's from DEP     Act 13 FAQ's from PUC

Question:  How are the Act 13 Impact Fees to be used?
Answer:   See pages 22-25 Act 13 Impact Fee Uses

Question:  Has Fayette County received Impact Fees and how have the fees been used?

Answer:    Yearly reports must be filed with the PUC and linked to county websites.  View filed reports.    View list of recipients

Question:  I have been approached to lease my land.  Should I be asking specific questions and should I contact an attorney?
Answer:  Consult an attorney experienced in the area of oil and gas.  See Attorneys  (explore all options in seeking legal advise). This taskforce does not endorse any particular attorney, firm or website.   For general information about leasing, right of way agreements etc See Publications

Question:  I hear much about wastewater from drilling sites and that it must be taken from the site to a DEP licensed water treatment facilities.  Are there any such water treatment facilities in Fayette County or nearby counties? 
Answer:  The Fayette County Planning & Zoning Office reported that one facility is located in Fayette County after being approved by the DEP and receiving a Special Exception Permit from the Zoning Hearing Board. 

Question:  I hear much about compressor stations.  Are there any in Fayette County?

Answer:  Yes.  Compressor Stations   (note dated 7/19/16 and as of 3/29/19 it is current as per county office)

Question:  I have questions about the Marcellus Shale impacts of our water. Where can I learn more?

Answer:  Here   ​at Penn State Cooperative Ext

Question: Where can I view a list of operators, permits issued and wells drilled in Fayette County (and other counties)

Answer:   PA DEP

Question:  Who do I contact if I suspect illegal disposal of wastes or other suspicious activity?
Answer:  EPA at 1-877-919-4EPA  

Question:  Who do I contact to report a spill or other release of hazardous materials or an Emergency?
Answer: National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 or DEP at 1-800-541-2050 or here

Question:  Who should I contact if I have an Environmental Complaint?
Answer:  This taskforce does not file complaints on your behalf.  Contact DEP, the entity having jurisdiction. You may do so by phone, in person or file an online complaint.  Click here

Question:  Who at DEP is designated for my area that I can call or write to directly ?
Answer:  DEP areas are set up in regions and Fayette County is in the Southwest Region. ​

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