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Fayette County PA


 Welcoming Industry Without Sacrificing The Public's Health, Safety & Welfare

Act 13 Impact Fee  (formerly known as House Bill 1950)

Governor Tom Corbett signed House Bill 1950, a compromise bill between the Pennsylvania House and Senate into law on February 14, 2012 as Act 13. The law includes zoning provisions, distribution of an impact fee, as well as setback, bonding, and permitting requirements.

CCAP Analysis of Act 13 (formerly House Bill 1950)

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) produced this analysis of Act 13.

Court Rulings (Land Use and Natural Gas Drilling)
Borough of Oakmont Ruling
Salem Township Ruling
County of Fayette Ruling

Robinson Township et al vs. PUC, AG & DEP

In March 2009, DEP removed County Conservation Districts from the Permitting process of Natural Gas Drilling Activities. 
DEP Memo

Oil & Gas Ordinances 

Fayette County Zoning Ordinance Section 1000-851

Penn Township Resolution 33-2015   On watchlist and of interest